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NAUGHTY DOG (SONY), Santa Monica, CA 05.2012 – present

Animator, Contract | The Last of Us

  • Primarily handled playable in-game cinematic/scripted sequences; some systemic assets

  • Collaborated with designers and programmers to set up structure for branch points/success/fail states in scripted sequences

  • Rehired for long-term contract after initial 4-month contract in 2011

IRRATIONAL GAMES (2K), Boston, MA 02.2012 – 06.2012

Animator, Freelance-Remote | BioShock Infinite

  • Animated both narrative and systemic assets using both keyframe and motion capture

VISCERAL GAMES (EA) PLAY 4 FREE, Redwood City, CA 01.2012 – 05.2012

Animator, Contract | Unannounced Multiplayer Title

  • Created move sets and special/melee attacks for various weapon archetypes

  • Co-developed plan for efficiently creating animations for a large number of characters

  • Worked as one of two animators on project; hired after 4-month term at ND

NAUGHTY DOG (SONY), Santa Monica, CA 08.2011 – 12.2012

Animator, Contract | The Last of Us

  • Created IGC animations, attacks and complex move sets for enemy and NPC characters

  • Worked on a combination of motion captured and keyframed moves and sequences

VIGIL GAMES (THQ), Austin, TX | Contract 06.2011 – 08.2011

Animator, Contract | Darksiders 2

  • Created variety of keyframed in-game animations, including attacks, taunts, walks
    and runs for hero and enemy characters and creatures

  • Recruited for contract work at Naughty Dog

VISCERAL GAMES (EA), Redwood City, CA | Intern 06.2010 – 08.2010

Animation Intern – Summer 2010

  • Created some traversal animations for hero/player, systemic animations for enemies (climbing/flying cycles, taunts, etc.) and environments for animation for cinematic sequences

  • Led the animation/effects in the studio-wide EA intern video competition, featured on Wired, Destructoid, and a number of other gaming websites

  • Was the only art/animation intern hired, out of 25 interns, for the program

Software + Capabilities:

  • Well versed: Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere

  • Very proficient: 3D Studio Max (including CAT plugin), Zbrush

  • Good Knowledge: Flash, Illustrator, 3D Coat, Mari

  • Animation, Modeling, Texturing, Motion Graphics, Keying/Compositing, Editing



Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Computer Animation (3D) – May 2011